Have you ever purchased insurance and wondered why you have it because you have never made a claim? However, when a catastrophe happens, you are so glad that you had insurance to help cover your losses and expenses. A Title Guaranty Owner’s Policy is just that. It’s an insurance policy for the title to your home.

What is Title Guaranty?

Title Guaranty is a title insurance program run by the State of Iowa through the Iowa Finance Authority. And it is the only title insurance provider in the state of Iowa. Title Guaranty takes pride in assisting Iowa with some of the cleanest title in the nation. They do this through their multi-step process. This proceess includes abstracting, title examination, title commitment preparation, final abstracting records search, a final title opinion, and final Title Guaranty Policy issuance. With multiple parties reviewing documents, titles, and encumbrances, it allows for little error or items to be missed. This provides the homeowner with a note of assurance that the title to their home will be clean and transferable. 

What is a Title Guaranty Owner’s Policy?

With an Owners Policy, Title Guaranty guarantees the title to your home. If you are to ever sell the property and something comes up, Title Guaranty assists in getting items taken care of. Title Guaranty will also take care of expenses like attorney fees and lien fees.

Overall, the choice is yours to order and receive an Owner’s Policy, but remember that you never need it… until you need it!