Meet Jes Kettleson

Jes Kettleson

Jes Kettleson

General Manager

(515) 346-6360

About Jes

Jes Kettleson is an accomplished professional with a diverse background and a significant impact on the real estate industry. With a career spanning nine years as a Real Estate Legal Assistant, Jes’s journey has been marked by continuous growth and leadership.

Jes’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to ownership of Midwest Settlement for five years, followed by a two-year tenure as Vice President at Black Hawk County Abstract. She has six years of experience as a dedicated real estate agent and has excelled as the General Manager of RealClear Settlement for the last five years, showcasing a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the industry.

Jes’s deep connection with RealClear Settlement goes back to its inception, making her an integral part of its history. She takes pride in nurturing and expanding the team’s capabilities, fostering a commitment to helping more people and achieving greater success.

In her multifaceted role, Jes’s expertise encompasses education, title clearing, sales, and driving growth. She is known for her decision-making skills, ability to navigate the nuances of the industry, and her talent for creative problem-solving.

Jes’s list of notable achievements is impressive, including her pivotal role in the creation of RealClear Settlement, leading marketing growth, establishing multiple locations and offices, developing an education system, and pioneering Remote Online Notary services. Her influence extends to every facet of RealClear Settlement.

Beyond her professional life, Jes enjoys spending quality time with her family, indulging in reading, maintaining an active lifestyle through workouts, and engaging in meaningful conversations. Her dedication to the community is evident through her roles as a Waverly-Shell Rock School Board Member, a member of the Waverly Utilities Board of Trustees, and her involvement as a board member of Waverly Child Care and Preschool.


RealClear Guarantee

*Upon execution of the Closing and Services Contract, the seller or buyer agree to allow RealClear Settlement to perform duties as a closing agent or transaction closer only.  In the event that the closing gets delayed or there is an error in the accuracy of the documentation and/or closing statement due to the fault of RealClear Settlement that results in a loss or damages, RealClear Settlement will refund the seller or buyer the exact amount of the closing fee if the closing has already taken place or will complete the remainder of their services for free if the closing has not taken place.  If the closing or documents get delayed or inaccurate information is provided due to matters that are outside of RealClear Settlement’s control, it is understood that all fees, terms and conditions from the original contract will remain intact.