Meet Jacob Ruiz
Jacob Ruiz

Jacob Ruiz

Closing Agent / Transaction Coordinator

(515) 346-6360
About Jacob

Jacob Ruiz is a versatile professional with a wealth of experience in various industries, and his diverse skill set has made him an invaluable asset in his role as a Closing Agent and Transaction Coordinator. He has acquired a range of professional skills over the years, with a particular focus on obtaining certifications for continuous improvement, process development, and program maintenance.

With nearly two years of service at RealClear Settlement, Jacob is deeply committed to helping people achieve their dream of owning a new home while minimizing the stress associated with the process. He takes pride in anticipating the needs of clients and providing them with a seamless experience.

In his capacity as a Closing Agent and Transaction Coordinator, Jacob’s primary responsibilities revolve around gathering all the necessary information to clear title for clients. His contribution to the company is marked by his commitment to professionalism and efficiency in carrying out his duties.

Jacob’s strengths lie in his profound understanding of processes and his ability to streamline them effectively. He possesses adaptability and firmly believes in the concept of continuous improvement, always seeking ways to enhance systems and processes for optimal results.

Among his significant accomplishments, Jacob successfully expanded the company’s market into a new state, developing the processes required to sustain the market and meet clients’ needs. He also played a pivotal role in creating a new transaction coordination model for a client, blending transaction coordination with business assistance, resulting in great success.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Jacob has a passion for building things and spending quality time with his family. He enjoys crafting clocks and display items. During the spring, summer, and early fall, he and his family indulge in their love for travel, taking their travel trailer along for the journey and jokingly likening themselves to snails, carrying their home wherever they go.


RealClear Guarantee

*Upon execution of the Closing and Services Contract, the seller or buyer agree to allow RealClear Settlement to perform duties as a closing agent or transaction closer only.  In the event that the closing gets delayed or there is an error in the accuracy of the documentation and/or closing statement due to the fault of RealClear Settlement that results in a loss or damages, RealClear Settlement will refund the seller or buyer the exact amount of the closing fee if the closing has already taken place or will complete the remainder of their services for free if the closing has not taken place.  If the closing or documents get delayed or inaccurate information is provided due to matters that are outside of RealClear Settlement’s control, it is understood that all fees, terms and conditions from the original contract will remain intact.