Don’t Settle For Less

Impress your clients with accurate closings across the state of Iowa.


On-time and hassle-free closings. Guaranteed.

You work hard for your clients. Bad closing experiences shouldn’t jeopardize your reputation as a lender. You can’t afford to disappoint your clients. Impress them with an extraordinary closing with RealClear Settlement. 

Make Your Deadline

We track your deadlines and get all the paperwork right the first time.


Constant Communication

You stay informed every step of the way so that there are no surprises. 

Easy & Simple

Dedicated support to predict every hurdle so that you can focus on what you do best.

Treat your clients to the closing they deserve.

We’ve worked with lenders like you for over twenty years – and understand how important the trust between you and your clients is. With over 200,000 transactions completed accurately and on-time we know how to make the process simple and easy for you so that you can impress your clients every time. Our mission is to help lenders coordinate transactions on-time and hassle-free. We guarantee it.

Accurate closings – statewide.

Coordinating a closing in another county is overwhelming and time-consuming. When you partner with us you have access to the RealClear Network, vetted and verified notaries in all 99 counties in Iowa. Close anywhere in the state with the same ease, simplicity, and accuracy as in your own town. Hassle-free accurate closings with exceptional experience statewide.

Close with confidence.

Real estate closings don’t have to be overwhelming. You need a settlement service that manages your transaction from contract-to-close with a simple process. With our outstanding network of closers throughout the state of Iowa who always keep you in the loop and have years of experience, it’s easy to work with us. On-time. Hassle-free. Guaranteed!

Roxanne (Rox)

Loan Closer
Waverly/Cedar Falls

Vander Heiden

Loan Closer


Loan Closer
Des Moines Metro


Loan Closer
Des Moines Metro


Title Guaranty Processor


Loan Processor


Loan Processor


Loan Processor



Join lenders like you who see the RealClear difference. 


At RealClear Settlement, we know you want a hassle-free way to close real estate in Iowa. That’s why you need a transaction coordinator who manages the deal from the contract-to-close with a simple process. Unfortunately, most people experience closings that are overly complicated making your clients frustrated and you annoyed. Real Estate closings should not hold your time and attention hostage. You have more deals to close.

We understand what’s at stake in the closing process. With over 20,000 transactions completed accurately and on time, we know how to make the process as simple as possible for you. It’s easy to work with us. First, start your closing. Second, we will coordinate the transaction. Finally, you will close hassle-free.

So contact us today to take the headache out of your closings. Your clients will appreciate how simple it is to work with you. Contact RealClear so that you can close on-time and hassle-free.


RealClear Guarantee

*Upon execution of the Closing and Services Contract, the seller or buyer agree to allow RealClear Settlement to perform duties as a closing agent or transaction closer only.  In the event that the closing gets delayed or there is an error in the accuracy of the documentation and/or closing statement due to the fault of RealClear Settlement that results in a loss or damages, RealClear Settlement will refund the seller or buyer the exact amount of the closing fee if the closing has already taken place or will complete the remainder of their services for free if the closing has not taken place.  If the closing or documents get delayed or inaccurate information is provided due to matters that are outside of RealClear Settlement’s control, it is understood that all fees, terms and conditions from the original contract will remain intact.