Some people think that Closing Agents can just close cash and lender transactions, but the fact is that they do SO much more. Here are just five important things that Closing Agents can do for you on a transaction:

1. Clear Title

Ever wonder how property passes from one party to the next without issues popping up? Enter your Closing Agent. A closing agent helps to make sure that all title is clear and marketable to the next party by paying any mortgages, making sure all judgments and liens are satisfied, recording all documents, reviewing title and so much more.

2. Coordinate Sales

There are so many invoices, documents and people that are a part of just one single transaction. Your closing agent can act as your sales coordinator by making sure all the pieces are put together…and in the right order.

3. Document Preparation

Deeds, DOVs, GWH, Tax Certifications, POAs and Affidavits are just a few of the documents needed to close a transaction, but there are so many more! Closing agents are versed in managing and arranging documents. They can either prepare them in house or know the people to get them done so that you have them correct and reviewed so no errors pop up now or in the future!

4. Notarize Documents

Most Closing Agents are notary publics. They can notarize pretty much any document you can bring them as long as you have a valid identification. Note that some notaries charge per notarization and some notaries are also electronic notaries that can do it online. Have something you need to sign? Give a local closing agent a call and see if they can help you.

5. Locate Abstracts

When someone sells their home, the first question we ask is “do you have your abstract?” Most of the time this answer is no or I don’t know where it is. We know where most people keep their abstracts so we can help ask you the questions to locate it yourself or we have connections with abstractors, attorneys and closing companies everywhere to help you track it down. Is it still lost? We can help you order a new replacement abstract so you can still make it to closing!

Closing Agents are so much more than just a person at your closing table asking you for signatures. They are one of the most versed and connected people in the real estate world.

Need something completed for a transaction, but don’t see it on this list? Give us a call today and we can help put together your transaction for a smooth, simple and guaranteed process!