Digital Cash Closings

Close from ANYWHERE, without leaving your doorstep!

We provide hassle-free digital cash closings, so that you can complete the entire closing process without ever stepping foot in a closing office.

Paperless Process

We use digital documents, electronic signatures, and secure payment systems.

Skip the Hassle

We coordinate the transaction digitally amongst all parties so you don’t have to.

Save Time

We can handle the entire closing process online, saving you travel time and money.

How Digital Cash Closings Work:

1. Online File Ordering

One Step Ordering through our online order portal. A representative will reach out to you immediately following your order.

2. Electronic Abstracting, Title & Settlement Preparation

Our team takes care of all of the collecting of information and getting it to where it needs to go, no matter where items are located.

3. Secure Disbursement of Funds and Documents

All documents are signed through our secure portal, funds are received and disbursed via guaranteed funds. Closing happens all behind the scenes while you focus on the things that matter most!

View the Process of Digital Cash Closings

Take a look at the process and components of a RealClear digital cash closing below.


Let us handle your closing, so you can focus on business.


With the use of forward-thinking partners,
digital documents, electronic signatures, and secure payment systems, we’ve made it so that buyers and sellers can complete the entire closing process without ever stepping foot in a closing office.


We understand what’s at stake in the closing process. With thousands of transactions completed accurately and on-time, we know how to make the process as simple as possible for you.

It’s easy to work with us.

Contact us to take the headache out of your closing. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed by your real estate transaction. Contact RealClear so that you can complete your digital cash closing hassle-free and on-time.

RealClear Guarantee

*Upon execution of the Closing and Services Contract, the seller or buyer agree to allow RealClear Settlement to perform duties as a closing agent or transaction closer only.  In the event that the closing gets delayed or there is an error in the accuracy of the documentation and/or closing statement due to the fault of RealClear Settlement that results in a loss or damages, RealClear Settlement will refund the seller or buyer the exact amount of the closing fee if the closing has already taken place or will complete the remainder of their services for free if the closing has not taken place.  If the closing or documents get delayed or inaccurate information is provided due to matters that are outside of RealClear Settlement’s control, it is understood that all fees, terms and conditions from the original contract will remain intact.