Section 1031 Exchanges 

Helping investors get the most out of their investments.


Invest in your future with a Section 1031 Exchange.

RealClear specializes in Section 1031 Exchanges acting as your qualified intermediary from sale to purchase. We focus on simplicity, education, and your needs no matter your investment goals.

Stay on Deadline

We track your deadlines and get all the paperwork right the first time.

Avoid Penalties

We keep you informed along the way, so you don’t lose out on your exchange!

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We help you close on your exchange to keep your tax deferment. Guaranteed.*

From sale to purchase: 1031 Exchange made simple.

We know how much investing in your future is necessary, so we help give you all of the tools to make Section 1031 Exchanges simple, educative and worth every penny of savings. By providing world-class service and real-time updates, we know what you need before you need it.

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We know that Section 1031s Exchange companies shouldn’t treat all clients the same. This is why you need a 1031 Exchange company that provides services for your specific needs. Whether you are a first time investor or do this for a living, RealClear Exchange can assist you from beginning to end to give you the piece of mind with your investment and the knowledge to continue investing in your future. You’ve made the initial investment, let us help take you to the next.

Section 1031 Exchanges are hard to understand due to timing requirements, documents, and financial benefits or penalties. We provide the education, tools and simplicity to make investment decisions that build your portfolio or allow you to find your financial outlook.

Let us help with your financial successes.

Contact us to help guide you from initial sale to beyond. Download our free Frequently Asked Questions to get some of your questions answered immediately. Don’t feel overwhelmed by the IRS language and documentation. Allow RealClear Exchange to take out the mind-boggling pieces so you can focus on your goals.

RealClear Guarantee

*Upon execution of the Exchange Agreement, the Exchangor agree to allow RealClear Settlement to perform duties as a Qualified Intermediary only. In the event that the exchange gets delayed or there is an error in the accuracy of the documentation and/or exchange due to the fault of RealClear Exchange that results in a loss or damages, RealClear Exchange will refund the exchangor the exact amount of the 1031 Transaction fee if the exchange has already taken place or will complete the remainder of their services for free if the exchange has not taken place. If the exchange gets delayed or inaccurate information is provided due to matters that are outside of RealClear Exchange’s control, it is understood that all fees, terms and items from the original Exchange Agreement will remain intact.

**RealClear Exchange does not give tax advice. All taxpayers should contact an attorney and/or tax preparer prior to entering into a Section 1031 exchange transaction.